TWIST & PIN creates wearable hairstyles from fashion week each season & trains in the building blocks of hairstyling!

Twist&Pin is a threefold concept:
fashion week + education + hairstyling curriculum
— Hannah Lynne; Creative Director

Workbook Sample Preview:

  • teaches current styling trend techniques

  • EDUCATES STYLISTS ON building blocks of styling

  • video-based education + workbook 

  • releases NEW styles every 6 months!

TWIST&PIN showcases styling trends, EDUCATES all levels of hairSTYLISTS & provides a modern curriculum!



WHAT IS INCLUDED each season? 


  • Gallery of Professional Images for promotion

  • Training Videos

  • Printed + Digital Workbooks

  • Twist & Pin Brand Decal Stickers

  • Twist & Pin Signage



bringing fresh styling education from the

runways of fashion week